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Remember personalization

Not sure if it is just me but when i switched device even if I locked into the same account for idea generation, there is no place for me to restore the personalization I did on the other device. Is there a way to change this? Or am I missing anything?

  • Molly Tu
  • Dec 3 2016
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  • Admin
    Matt Khoury commented
    December 7, 2016 21:16

    Hi Molly,

    Are you referring to logging into ??

  • Molly Tu commented
    December 17, 2016 01:32

    Not the idea submission page, but a personal account so that when I switch devices I can still see my favorites. For example, I marked all the EGA accounts found as favorite on my work phone app, but when I switched to my personal phone app, there is no way for me to access that data.